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As summer approaches and temps reach the 90s and even 100s, portable AC units, aka "spot coolers" are an efficient option, especially if space is an issue. Cool when you need it, where you need it!

Operating computers at improper temperatures can take its toll, and pose risks such as overheating, which could lead to server crashes or serious damage. Servers also generate large amounts of heat, and the humidity can lead to corrosion or rust. This can also keep your employees happy, which in turn promotes worker productivity and numerous health benefits!

Our portable air conditioner units and portable air conditioning spot coolers are made in the USA! Cold Air Products' American made spot coolers are perfect for cooling computer server rooms and more and are available as rentals or for purchase. Contact us today and let us put our portable air conditioners to work for you!

Avenger CAP 14
Avenger 14CAP
14,000 BTU's
Avenger CAP 24
Avenger 30CAP
30,000 BTU's
Avenger CAP 24
Avenger 60CAP
62,000 BTU's

Made in the USA

Moveable systems are ideal for cooling down server rooms, as traditional ones require more energy and money. In addition, they generate round-the-clock air conditioning that central A/C or window conditioners may not feasibly provide. Whether you need a temporary solution or have a long-term goal, portable units can help keep your office, church, or school from overheating during the summer months. They are available to rent or purchase, and are versatile to your cooling needs.

Effective Uses Portable Air Conditioners and Spot Coolers
When traditional air conditioning can’t accomplish your cooling needs, a highly efficient portable air conditioning system may be just what’s needed to keep everyone, and everything, cool. Server room air conditioning is a big concern for businesses with server equipment that generates enough heat that the equipment could become damaged. To attempt to cool a room like this with traditional air conditioning would be a huge expense of energy and funds. Proper server room air conditioning can be achieved, however, if a portable air conditioning system is used. The required temperatures will be met affordably and efficiently.

Why Customers Choose Cold Air.net for Their Portable Air Conditioning Needs
Purchasing ac units from Cold Air.net means that you are buying from a USA based company. We will ensure that the system you buy is quiet, efficient and of the highest quality.